The Power of the Recap Email

We grow in both our careers and our personal lives by learning, gleaning from colleagues, friends, or mentors those practices that make life a little easier, a little more meaningful, a little better— in whatever is the most applicable sense of the word. Over the years I have cherry-picked the business habits of supervisors, clients, and employees, as well as experts on the topic, and created a toolkit of my own. One of the most effective tools I've commandeered is the recap email. It is what it

Interview Skills: Taste and Judgement for the Win

In my four years' experience managing staff for a nonprofit community organization, I've conducted dozens of job interviews. I've coached countless staff members into improved performance, customer service, and professionalism. . . or out the door. In every interview my director and I have agreed: the candidate either has that "it" factor we're looking for, or they don't. While we both know how to sense this potential, it wasn't until last week that I stumbled upon the right words to define it.

Meet Y Member Christine Cole!

Missoula Y member Christine Cole reached a breaking point in October of 2013. After struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle for years, and with three kids at home, Christine’s confidence and energy levels were shot. “My weight and my lack of confidence were affecting my marriage,” Christine says. “I didn’t feel healthy or comfortable in my own skin. I decided I wanted to be around for the future, for my children.” That fall Christine decided to reclaim her body and her health.

YMCA’s MYST Swim Team Makes a Splash!

The annual Firecracker Classic swim meet draws hundreds of swimmers to Missoula from across the region every year. Hosted by Missoula Aquatics Club at Splash Montana, the event is an important one for swimmers in the Northwestern United States and Southwest Canada. Our own acclaimed YMCA swim team, MYST, participated in the meet just two weeks ago, and Head Coach Kirby Beierle couldn’t have been more pleased with the team’s accomplishments.