Virtual Film Festivals Lead to Greater Audience Diversity

As the Sundance Film Festival wrapped this year from the organization’s home base in Park City, Utah, the festival closed their virtual doors on a global, diverse audience unlike any they’ve seen in the past. This year, participation in one of the world’s best-known festivals was not restricted to the privileged or famed, those who could afford the travel, the lodging, and the festival pass. This year, the streets and slopes of Park City were not filled with faces that matched the snow. Like co

Film Festival Flix: Moving Festivals Into the Virtual Space, Securely

Benjamin Oberman knew where film festivals were headed, even when the industry didn’t. An experienced distributor, producer, and festival director, Oberman repeatedly encountered the same shark in every indie sea: never enough time to see all the films during the run of a festival, rarely an opportunity to see them again after. “I knew that a lot of these films were great — really great — but that the cost to promote them would never balance with their potential box office return, and they woul

5 Indie Films to Remind Us: We Can Do Hard Things

Sometimes it’s easier to focus on what we can’t do than to imagine what we can. Our world has changed drastically in the last year, leaving many of us feeling helpless, lonely, and boxed in. As Thanksgiving approaches and we are staying home, for the safety of all, those feelings may be magnified. But stories bring us together, and stories of perseverance lift us all. Invite your friends and family to join you in watching, from wherever they are, and let these beautifully-filmed, moving stories

How a Niche Film Festival Found Growth & Success by Streaming Year-Round

From the 2020 Equus Film & Arts Festival feature: Hozho In Beauty We Walk Stats on the number of film festivals in existence are hard to track down. Some recur annually. Some blip onto the festival radar one year, only to disappear the next. In North America alone, estimates range from 3000-9000 active festivals in existence in any of the last 10 years. Film festivals may have a broad theme—documentaries, for example— or a narrower focus, say, animated shorts about superheroes from space. No ma

4 Ways Watching A Movie Can Improve Your Mental Health

These days, we’re all seeking a little bit of relief, a little bit of inspiration, a little more joy. With limited social opportunities, our media-viewing habits may swing back and forth between a planned movie marathon, and the inability to turn off the TV and face the world. But somewhere in the middle lies the happy medium that is right for you, and finding the balance—two? three? new films each week?—can help you to cope with change, stress, and loneliness. Here are four ways that watching a

5 Reasons to Attend Locale’s 9th Annual Luau Beachside Party—#3 Get Lit With Polynesian Fire Dancers

Party With a Purpose—Red, White & Luau Proceeds to Benefit Beach Clean-Up and Conservation July plans in place? Before you bounce from barbecue to backyard burger barbecue this Independence Day, pre-party on the 3rd of July at the Red, White & Luau: LOCALE Magazine’s 9th annual Pacific Island-style party benefiting beach clean-up and conservation. Spend an evening at the posh Paséa Hotel and Spa, sampling local drinks and food with a can’t-miss ocean view. All proceeds from the evening are dona

Peer2Peer Critique Day 2019: Leave Your First-Timer Worries Behind

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into the Skirball Cultural Center on June 2, for my first Peer2Peer Critique Day. I’d been to critique groups and workshops over the years, but none with a professional reputation like SCBWI’s. My hands shook a little. Who would be there? Would they all be vastly more experienced than me? But I knew I was ready to take this step, and had six copies of a picture book manuscript I was proud of tucked under my arm. I pushed through the courtyard door. I h

This Mexican Restaurant in West Hollywood Is Taking Eco-Conscious Cocktails to the Next Level

Written By: Amber June Davis Best Cocktails West Hollywood Photography Provided By: Gracias Madre Gracias Madre’s award-winning Beverage Director, Maxwell Reis, is mad for mezcal, and to see him behind the bar is to witness an artist at work. From the moment Gracias Madre opened, the cocktail menu has been critically-acclaimed. Reis is a conscious creator, aware of a responsibility to the environment, to the people and cultures who’ve influenced his work, and to his customers at the bar. He k

The Power of the Recap Email

We grow in both our careers and our personal lives by learning, gleaning from colleagues, friends, or mentors those practices that make life a little easier, a little more meaningful, a little better— in whatever is the most applicable sense of the word. Over the years I have cherry-picked the business habits of supervisors, clients, and employees, as well as experts on the topic, and created a toolkit of my own. One of the most effective tools I've commandeered is the recap email. It is what it

Interview Skills: Taste and Judgement for the Win

In my four years' experience managing staff for a nonprofit community organization, I've conducted dozens of job interviews. I've coached countless staff members into improved performance, customer service, and professionalism. . . or out the door. In every interview my director and I have agreed: the candidate either has that "it" factor we're looking for, or they don't. While we both know how to sense this potential, it wasn't until last week that I stumbled upon the right words to define it.

Meet Y Member Christine Cole!

Missoula Y member Christine Cole reached a breaking point in October of 2013. After struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle for years, and with three kids at home, Christine’s confidence and energy levels were shot. “My weight and my lack of confidence were affecting my marriage,” Christine says. “I didn’t feel healthy or comfortable in my own skin. I decided I wanted to be around for the future, for my children.” That fall Christine decided to reclaim her body and her health.

YMCA’s MYST Swim Team Makes a Splash!

The annual Firecracker Classic swim meet draws hundreds of swimmers to Missoula from across the region every year. Hosted by Missoula Aquatics Club at Splash Montana, the event is an important one for swimmers in the Northwestern United States and Southwest Canada. Our own acclaimed YMCA swim team, MYST, participated in the meet just two weeks ago, and Head Coach Kirby Beierle couldn’t have been more pleased with the team’s accomplishments.

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